China Tech Quiz Night: New Year Edition! 中国科技问答之夜: 新年特别版

Fri, 18 Jan 2019 19:00:00 GMT ~ Fri, 18 Jan 2019 21:30:00 GMT
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动点科技 TechNode


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Are you a news junkie or a tech enthusiatic? Do you always stay up-to-date with all the happenings in the tech world? How much do you think you know about China tech? 你是一个科技达人或者新闻迷吗?你对科技世界在发生的事情都如数家珍吗?你觉得自己对中国科技圈的时事有多了解呢?

2018 has been a dynamic for tech industry in China. Come join us on Friday, Jan 18 at Red Rose opposite to Gongti North Gate for a fun quiz night to test out your knowledge on China tech in our special new year edition! 


We are also joined by many of the most active tech and young professional communities in the city, so even if you have not been following the news lately, simple come cheer for the battle and catch up with what you've been missing. It will definitely be a good time and networking opportunity!


We have prepared special prizes for the winning teams. You don't want to miss it! Sign up now with your colleagues, partners or friends for opportunities to be more involved with us this year!







Red Rose, 7 Xingfuyicun Alley

(opposite Worker's Stadium North Gate)

红玫瑰餐厅 朝阳区工人体育馆北门对面 幸福一村7巷内


19:00 - 21:30, Friday, Feb. 18 


19:00 - 19:30 Registration 注册

19:30 - 20:30 Quiz 问答竞赛

20:30 - late Networking 自由交流

 Cost: Free entry for quiz participants


RMB 40 for General Admissions


(teams of 2-4, limited to 8 teams;  you can also sign up as an individual and pair up with others on site.)



All night happy hour for ALL participants

Please contact us if you have any questions: 18516881813 Heather Li

如果对报名有任何问题,请联系Heather: 18516881813

About the Host


Round: Turf Wars; With Chinese Characteristics; Heavy Hitters


John Artman

Editor in Chief, TechNode

John Artman is the Editor in Chief for TechNode, the leading English information source for news and insight into China’s tech and startups. Having lived in Beijing for almost a decade, he was previously Director of Technical Communications at CSOFT and a radio host and Assistant Programs Director at China Radio International. He loves talking about innovative products and business models, big ideas that are changing the world, and compelling communication in various mediums. He currently co-hosts a podcast called China Tech Talk.

John是动点科技英文版主编,已经在北京生活了将近十年。他曾任CSOFT科技传播主编和CRI的电台主播兼副项目总监。他热爱谈论创新科技产品和商业模式,改变世界的想法,和引人入胜的传播方式。他还在主持一个科技播客 - China Tech Talk。

Special Hosts

Round: Innovation in Transportation; Interpreting China


Tim Chen

Head of International Product, Mobike

Visiting China every 2-4 years, Tim saw first-hand how China transformed from the early stages of capitalism in the 90s to the burgeoning tech powerhouse it is today. While exploring the tech scene in China in 2014, he noticed that with the rise of Xiaomi and other China-innovated companies, the World was about to transition from thinking "How will China westernize?" to "How will the world become more Chinese?" Following this thesis, he most recently joined Mobike as Head of International Product, where he oversees core user experience abroad and works directly with the international business unit.

Tim leads a team comprised of product managers, product growth specialists, and engineers. His team is responsible for driving core product vision outside China and localizing for optimal experience. He works closely with the international business units to align their business needs with product capability. I.e. he balances business needs and technical capabilities to ensure strong user experience.

Tim graduated with a degree in Finance and Management from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce. Post graduation, he worked on various cross-border deals as a tech and media investment banker and then as an equity analyst at a hedge fund on Wall Street. Later, he ran supply operations at a Y-Combinator – backed startup in Silicon Valley which sold to Square, and then worked on product and operations at Uber, focusing on UberPOOL.


Jonanthan Rechtman

Co-founder, Cadence Translate

Jonathan Rechtman is a Chinese-English conference interpreter and a co-founder of Cadence Translate, a tech-enabled language solutions company dedicated to serving cross-border financial institutions. He holds a graduate degree in Conference Interpretation Studies from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing and is certified by the E.U. Directorate General of Interpretation and the U.S. State Department's Office of Language Services. He has interpreted for world leaders, finance ministers, central bankers, and senior economists at forums such as the World Economic Forum, APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, and the International Finance Forum. He served as the lead translation vendor for China Development Bank, and previously worked in-house at a cross-border investment bank.

Jonathan is a venture partner at iAsk Capital; an advisor to Teja Ventures; a mentor at Chinaccelerator and the Schwarzman Scholars program; an alumni of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum; and a visiting instructor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, the University of Ottawa, and the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing (UIBE).

About us

TechNode began as one man’s attempt to tell the world about what’s happening in China’s tech and startup ecosystems. Since that time, we have grown into a trusted and respected information outlet, events organizer, and integral part of the tech and startup community both inside and outside of China with our partners at TechCrunch.

With a vast network in global innovation and entrepreneurship, China-based TechNode is in the center of a unique worldwide tech ecosystem of startups, venture capital firms, industry resources and corporate partners. TechNode has six business units, including TN Media, TN Inno (corporate innovation services), TN Global (Asia), TN Events (branding and event services), TN Data (startup ecosystem database) and TN VC (venture capital and financing services). Through these initiatives, TechNode supports and bridges the startup ecosystem between China and the rest of the world. TechNode is also the exclusive China partner of TechCrunch.

If you want to tell us about a startup/service/product, shoot us an email at If you need reach us for partnerships, sponsorships, or other purposes, please email us at


About the Venue

A new chapter starts in RED ROSE’s 25 year history, with the path ahead full of surprising twists and delicious turns. For over two decades Red Rose was home to a famous Xinjiang restaurant in Beijing. A new generation inspired by the original Red Rose, spent 6 months of planning to undertake a full makeover since this restaurant ceased operation in early 2018. 



But Red Rose is not just a restaurant nor a bar. The team works on every aspect of the decoration to make Red Rose a combination of the history of Beijing in an elegant and relaxing way. It has 1 courtyard , one main bar restaurant and group dining room.


Red Rose cuisine is inspired by the modern global influences,  with an innovative food selection from recipes tasted around the world. The culinary team of Matthew Ona, a celebrated American chef, has created a menu full of tantalizing flavor and variety. In keeping with Red Rose’s tradition the restaurant is pork free and welcoming a menu for all types of occasions.

红玫瑰美食的灵感来自于现代的全球影响,以及从世界各地品尝的食谱中选择创新的食物。著名的美国厨师Matthew Ona的烹饪团队创造了一个充满诱人味道和丰富多样的菜单。为了迎合与红玫瑰的传统保持一致,餐厅餐食不含猪肉,并适合设计了各种场合的菜单。

The bar offers a new addition at Red Rose is a cosy and warm bar decorated with furniture designed in red and violet. Seating inside guest will enjoy an dazzling  setting to enjoy the craft beers by its award wining German Brewer and great cocktails by one of the best bar tenders Cross Yu. For guests who prefer seating al fresco Red Rose has an ideal outdoor patio welcoming to everyone.

Red Rose舒适温馨的酒吧,装饰搭配有红色和紫色的家具。客人在座位内可以尽情享受令人陶醉留恋的环境,精酿纯正的德国啤酒和品鉴知名调酒师Cross Yu的特调鸡尾酒。同时对于喜欢户外座位的客人,红玫瑰拥有一个供您悦享舒适的户外庭院,秋夜里最好打发闲暇时光的聚集地。





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动点科技 TechNode

动点科技 TechNode

动点科技是中国极具国际影响力的科技创新平台。TechNode is in the center of a unique worldwide tech ecosystem which has six business units, including TN Media, TN Inno (corporate innovation services), TN Global (Asia), TN Events (branding and event services), TN Data (startup ecosystem database) and TN VC (venture capital and financing services).

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